Made with fresh home made dough, cooked in front of your eyes, our fresh ingredients and skilled chefs make these the best crepes in town!  You can enjoy our all day breakfast/desert menu with the choice of sweet or savoury to indulge all of your senses!


Our waffles are extra special because they can be loaded used as a "plate" and loaded with all kinds of goodies from our self-serve bar including our frozen yogurt, gelato, and soft-serve ice cream.  Yes you may just have died and gone to heaven! 


And best of all, if you are on a special gluten-free diet, we offer a gluten-free waffle that is cooked on its very own grill so there aren't any wheat contaminants! 

Frozen Deserts  Acai Bowls and Pitaya Bowls

Not only do we offer the creamiest Frozen Yogurt, we also offer dairy free sorbets, gelato, and soft serve ice cream, one location so many choices! 

Waffle cups are made fresh in store, and with that amazing smell its hard to say no!


Our acai is Grade A wild Harvested Tambor Acai - this means it is 100% acai berry, no soy filler and its not ruining the rain forest either! Comes with a scoop of granola and your choice of fruit and toppings.  If you are looking for a Vegan option this is it!


Our Pitaya is also Grade A organic, fair trade.